Levanté® boards are available in 19′ lengths. The usable length of a board is 18′-11″ long.


Levanté® boards are available in 2″, 4″, and 6″ widths.


*Limited Stock. Longer Lead Times May Apply.


Starter Trim

Finish Trim

Finishing Concealer

Cladding Trim

H Trim Front

PERIMETER/Door & window Trim Front

Outside Corner Trim

H Trim Back

PERIMETER/Door & window Trim Back

Inside Corner Trim

Finishing Angle

Fence Components

1-WAY Post

3-Way Post

Finishing Concealer

1-WAY Post Cap

3-Way Post Base

3-WAY Post Cap

Elevate your designs, specify Levanté® with confidence and pride.

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