Elements of Performance

Accept nothing less than Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components. Its design flexibility lets you create façades, fences, pergolas, three season room floors, and decks – and that’s just the beginning.  Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components allow you to take you project to the next level.


Wood Grain

Levanté® wood-grain is strikingly similar to real wood for
enhanced authenticity.



Levanté® creates a carefree and cost-effective
outdoor environment that’s easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.


All-Season Performance

Made to withstand the test of time and Mother-Nature. Non-porous surface where moisture absorption is non-existent. Levanté® endures throughout the seasons easily handling extreme times of heat or cold.



Levanté® surfaces are tough. They won’t warp, crack or split,
have minimal expansion/contraction, and are no match for
mold and UV-rays.


Scratch & Stain Resistant

The Decoral® System coating provides exceptional resistance to scratches, stains, and color fading. The modern look of your outdoor exteriors will last a lifetime.



Build exteriors that are cleaner, safer, and better for the environment. 100% recyclable.


Minimal Heat Absorption

Aluminum is cooler than other wood or composite decking,
cladding and fencing products.


Fire Retardant

The Decoral® System coating on Levanté® makes it fire
retardant and non-combustible.


Installation Friendly

Lightweight, easy-to-use component system that’s workable with basic hand tools. Saves time and labor and requires no special fasteners.


Pest Resistant

Levanté® is resistant to ants, termites, and other insects.
Be pest free for a lifetime!

Elevate your designs, specify Levante® with confidence and pride.

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