Color and Wood Grain Texture even real wood will envy

When choosing colors for your designs, you ask yourself is this vibrant? Elegant? Vivid or deep? The answer will always be YES! with Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components.

When it comes to the performance and the endurance of Levanté®, real wood pales in comparison. The unique, wood grain finish simply does not wear out or fade away. Its rich, deep colors are here to stay. The lush hues of Levanté® live on and on. No need to ever have to refresh with paint or stain.

We live in a colorful world. It’s the first thing people notice in their environment. Levanté® is incomparable. It’s rich, deep tones include warm weathered grays, walnut accents, and deep smooth tones of pecan and best of all, Levanté’s colors will retain their appearance over time.

Levante Moonlight Kiss
Levante Toasted Marshmallow
Levante Twilight Sun

Much like wood, Levanté® will have slight variations in pattern and color from one piece to the next.

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