Davidson’s building, just 8 years old and finished with cedar wood accents, was showing wear beyond its age. Replacing the cedar with Levanté® wood grain aluminum proves to be a worthy upgrade!

Back in 2014 the Davidson Architecture building was finished with a cedar wood façade to create a warm, natural feel to the exterior. The planned life expectancy of the finish on the exterior portion of the cedar façade was approximately 5 years.

  • Within the first year, the cedar started to fade and by the second year the exterior cedar façade was completely weathered and worn, leaving the cedar unprotected from the elements. At that time, the cedar was refinished with a brand-name product carrying a 5-Year Warranty.
  • The total cost of refinishing was $3,500.
  • After the first refinish, which lasted 2 years, the wood had stained and Davidson was left with a less than perfect exterior façade. Since their building is a representation of their brand and company, they were eager to find a solution.

That’s where David Watkins of Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc. saw an opportunity. Hallmark, the marketer and distributor of Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components, brings solutions to their customers building projects. As an architectural specification representative, David was able to demonstrate the capabilities of Levanté® as a low maintenance alternative to the cedar wood façade.

cedar façades upgraded to Levanté® wood grain aluminum for durability and minimal maintenance.

"We take pride in our building and showcasing it to clients. The weathered cedar façades needed to be replaced and Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components was the obvious long-term choice, no maintenance and looks fantastic."

Chris L. Hafner

AIA, Managing Partner, Davidson Architecture

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