Levante® Powered by Decoral®

Levanté® wood-grains are built with impeccable detail. Finished with Decoral® powder coating, the global leader in decorative powder coating. Beautiful, durable, and created to last.

Decoral® Performance

When compared to other wood-grain aluminum product finishes, Decoral® outperforms them all. Worry-free, environment resistant and built to have that luxurious, just installed look throughout the years.

Levanté® components are protected by Decoral’s® exclusive sublimation process. It is the most-tested and most-trusted process in the world.

These aluminum pieces were exposed to Florida’s natural elements, 100% each day for 1-year.


The Decoral® System bonds
the wood-grain and base coat through sublimation.
The results are a high-quality,
highly durable finish. Fading happens evenly
over time and the wood-grain
finish will never be lost.

All others

Using a coating process at 160° Celsius the
wood-grain sits on the surface of the base layer.
Fading happens rapidly to the top coat and
the wood-grain effect is lost over time.

These aluminum pieces were exposed to Florida’s natural elements, 100% each day for 7-years.


After 7 years of rigorous outdoor testing,
the general appearance of the
Decoral® finish is not discolored and
the Delta variation is well below 5 points.

All others

After the 7 years, color changes are well
above the 30% residual with color and
brightness showing extreme variations.

Elevate your designs, specify Levanté® with confidence and pride.

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